World Traveler Status: Pending

I’ve always hesitated to call myself a world traveler. Whenever my family and friends would call me a ‘world traveler,’ I’ve always sort of laughed and brushed it off without believing them. Traveling around North America, Europe, and Africa (for 8 whole days) never really seemed like enough to consider myself a ‘world traveler.’ I decided that before I would give myself that title, I needed to go to at least 5 continents.

After a lot of planning, my mom and I are about to leave for a trip that will allow me to check off two more continents: Asia and Australia! That will make 5 officially, and maybe I’ll be able to finally call myself a world traveler. I’ll let you know how I feel about the title when I get back to the states.

The last time my mom and I traveled internationally together was when she came to visit me in Malta last spring!

On Sunday morning, I will leave for Bangkok, Thailand! My mom will join me there a few days later. I’ll be staying in 2 different hostels the first few days I’m there alone and hopefully, I’ll figure out some cool things for my mom and I to do! Get ready for some (hopefully) amazing pictures and stories. I’ll try to post as much as possible, but it might not be as often as I would like. My goal is to post at least once from each country.

Here are the places we’ll be going in the next month:

Bangkok, Thailand


Bali, Indonesia

Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

After I get back from China, I’ll have to make sure to hit those last 2 continents to make my list complete. South America and Antarctica: I’m coming for you someday!

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