Bangkok, Thailand: Getting there

Instead of just rambling a lot on this post (which I’m doing anyway), I decided to sort it into questions that everyone has been asking!

How was the flight?

I left home bright and early on Sunday and took 3 flights to get to Bangkok, Thailand. Did you guys know that it takes around 20 hours to fly from MSP to Bangkok (not including layovers)? Because I sure didn’t and was in for a rude awakening when I landed in Seoul, South Korea only to realize that I still had a 6 hour flight waiting for me.

How much did you pack?

Packing was relatively easy as I knew that everything needed to fit into my pack. My trusty, blue, REI pack has travelled to A LOT of countries with me, and it’s about to see it’s fourth and fifth continents on this trip! If you’re still wondering about size, this bag is a 43L bag (if that means anything to you) and its always my carry on!

You can fit a lot in a little bag! Enough for a whole month!

Where are you staying?

Because I am the way I am, I booked my hostel literally Saturday afternoon. I had it narrowed down to 3, but I chose a ‘poshtel’ for the first two nights (it sounds like it would be expensive, but I’m paying around $10/night). I figured that I could book something else after getting used to the time change (12 hours!). To the handfuls of people who have given me hostel recommendations for Bangkok, thank you, I’m still deciding where to stay the next couple of nights!

So far the ‘poshtel’ is: super fancy! They have those cool bunk beds that are built into like the walls and have curtains so they’re more private. It’s super comfortable and has really good AC (which is really important for how hot Bangkok is).

What have you been doing since you arrived?

This morning I walked around a lot just to figure out what I want to do for the next few days. I ended up taking a river boat tour to see all of the temples. It was really really cool! I also got a Thai milk tea in a little market I found (which was something I knew I had to try immediately). It was delicious! Overall, I’ve been in Bangkok for barely 12 hours and I’m already so excited to see everything else!!

*Alright, so here’s the thing about my blog posts for this trip: I didn’t actually bring my laptop with me since I have an iPad (with a keyboard, thank god), but the app doesn’t nicely let me drop pictures into posts while making it look nice, so I’m just going to put a bunch at the end of every post. I’ll make sure to caption them, so you all know what I’m up to!

Here’s a few (of the many) pictures that I’ve taken since leaving the US!

Grand Palace, Bangkok

They have all different types of mil tea in Thailand, here’s the one I got this morning!

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