Bangkok: temples, food, and beating the heat

It’s real warm out here in Bangkok. I can’t even step outside without beginning to sweat!

Yesterday I walked from the hostel I was staying in all the way to my new hostel. It was around a 3 mile walk and it took me something like 3 hours because of the heat. I had to stop a few times and grab something cold to drink. I also found a cute little coffee shop that was also an art gallery to sit in for a while.

One of the crazy things about Thailand is that the shop I stopped in is considered pretty “expensive” and a large latte costs about $2US.

The adorable coffee shop/art gallery I stopped in!

I walked by China town. I definitely want to go back and check it out even more when I’m not carrying my backpack.

After a long walk, I made it to my new hostel and it was not exactly what I had been expecting. It’s really cute, but very small. It’s also in a very different part of Bangkok than where I was earlier, which is kind of fun because I get to explore a whole new part of the city.

Today, I saw many temples, but I’m waiting to go into them until my mom gets here! They are so beautiful!

The food I have tried has also been amazing! I’ve eaten pad Thai, a few different noodle dishes, and I’ve had many smoothies!

It’s so easy to get a smoothie or a coconut milk (like straight out of the coconut) from street vendors! They’re delicious and a great way to cool down.

After walking around a lot, I decided to cool down even more by visiting the National Gallery. It was paintings, statues, and photographs. For a majority of the gallery, you aren’t allowed to take pictures, but in the photography exhibits you could. Here are two of my favorite photographs:

Finally, I experienced Khao San Road today. The only way to explain Khao San Road is that it is a backpackers paradise (and occasional nightmare). You can get everything there, from beats headphones to henna to 10,000 pairs of elephant pants to actual tattoos, hostels, and as much Singha (beer) as you can drink! There’s also cheap street food (you can get a large plates of noodles for less than $1.50US), McDonalds, and massages galore. And if you run out of money, there’s an ATM every 50 feet or so.

Khao San Road

(In case you’re wondering why elephant pants are so popular here: it’s so hot outside and to enter a lot of the temples you need long pants. Since they’re so cheap and lightweight, elephant pants are a tourist staple.)

Here’s some more pictures:

The Giant Swing

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