Bangkok: Take a cooking class?

When my mom and I first started planning this trip, we decided that we wanted to take a cooking class somewhere. After some research we found a Thai cooking school in Bangkok that offered cooking classes combined with a market tour.

Pro tip: If you’re ever in Bangkok and want to take a cooking class, I would 100% recommend “The Market Experience” cooking school in the Yodpiman Flower Market. It was well priced, and a lot of fun!

We got to the class in the morning and began along with some women from Hong Kong and a man from Singapore. Our instructor, Alisa, was super helpful and informative. After a quick introduction, we set off to explore the market.

Alisa took us to the different stands and helped us pick out the fruits that we would be using to cook our dishes. She also bought us some fruits that I had never tasted to sample. We learned about the different types of flowers that they sold and what they meant in Thai culture and she even bought me a flower bracelet that is supposed to be a welcoming gift!

We created four different dishes: a mango salad, miang kahm, a red or green curry (depending on how much spice you like), and pad thai!

Mango salad

Mango Salad

The mango salad included a lime dressing that we made, mangos, dragonfruit, pear apples, mint, peanuts, and shrimp that we cooked with a whole bunch of seasonings. It was delicious and very refreshing!

Miang Kahm

Pre-assembled miang kahm
Our finished miang kahm! My mom preferred the betal leaves while I preferred the lotus petals

Miang kahm is an appetizer that you assemble yourself and eat with either lotus petals or betal leaves (can be substituted with spinach or kale). We made the sauce and cut up all of the other pieces. They were really fun to make and really fun to eat.

Red/Green Curry

Green curry

This was my curry made with tofu instead of pork. I had made curry before at home using store bought paste, but we made our own curry paste! It was fun to watch everyone make their own curry because everyone’s turned out really differently! Mine was sweeter and very different than my mom’s since she used more chilis and had pork in hers.

Pad Thai

My shrimp pad Thai

The final dish we made was pad Thai! My mom and I used noodles that had been soaked in butterfly pea tea to color them blue. We also used a lot of vegetables, sauces that we made, and shrimp! It was so good and just like the curry, everyone’s was really different!

The cooking class was so fun and we learned so much about cooking different thai foods! I would highly recommend it if you want to eat some amazing thai food!

Our finished mango salads
Making a sauce with our new friends from Hong Kong and Singapore

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