Singapore in 4 days

Singapore is an amazing city/country and I would HIGHLY recommend visiting! Don’t let the high prices deter you; if you are traveling on a budget there’s still ways to do Singapore for a manageable amount. Stay in a less expensive hotel and eat at cheaper restaurants. No matter how you budget it, I promise Singapore will be worth it.

Here’s a combination of what I did during my 4 days in Singapore and some recommendations of things that I didn’t end up doing!

Day 1

Little India
Walking into Chinatown

We flew in around midday and took the MRT to our hotel. I would recommend buying the tourist MRT pass because it’s really convenient to get around. After checking into our hotel and settling in for a few minutes, we decided to explore a bit.

Visit Little India and Chinatown. Little India and Chinatown are so fun. You can get authentic food and souvenirs and others random things. The food is so good! We ate in Chinatown twice and both times I was impressed. Again, there are MRT stops in both places (there are MRT stops basically everywhere, so it’s SO easy getting around).

See the light show at night at the Gardens by the Bay. The light show was nothing like I had expected it to be, but it was really fun. It was also pretty crowded, so I would recommend getting there a little early. It’s 100% free to go to, and it’s fun for kids and adults. After the light show is over, grab a drink on top of the biggest tree! For 22S$ you can go up the 15 stories and get a free drink (either a beer or a cocktail or glass of wine). Considering that a beer can cost as much as 15S$ at some bars, this really isn’t that expensive for admission and a drink. There’s also a restaurant up there if you want a full meal.

Day 2

Sometimes Singapore feels like you’ve stepped into the future, like this mall that has a boat ride on the bottom floor

Go shopping and check out the malls. Singapore has a whole bunch of malls and most of the stores are really familiar, so I found some cute new shirts at H&M.

Relax at the pool. After 2 weeks of traveling, I really needed to take a break and this seemed like the perfect day to relax.

Find a a cool bar to hang out at. I happened to be in Singapore during the World Cup, so I found a cool bar to watch a few matches at. Be careful though, the ‘happy hour’ specials aren’t always as cheap as they might seem. You might even want to try to find a Singapore Sling!

Find the Hawker Stalls. We went to Maxwell’s Food Center and ate there. There’s a whole bunch of options and everything is pretty cheap! It’s great if you have multiple people and everyone wants something different.

Day 3

View from the Singapore Flyer
My mom and I eating chili crab

Ride the Singapore Flyer. It might seem like a pointless way to spend money, but it really was a cool view! It was 33S$, but it’s a half hour ride all the way around and there’s a commentary and videos that explain some different parts of the city. Overall, I really enjoyed the ride.

Eat chili crab. Chili crab is a Singapore must have food. You get the whole crab with a red chili sauce (don’t worry, it’s not terribly spicy). They also give you some tools to eat it with. It’s a messy experience to attempt to get all of the crab meat out of the shell, but it’s really fun and the crab itself is really good. Need a restaurant recommendation? Go to Momma Kong’s in Chinatown. Everything we had was delicious and they even took our picture and printed it out for us!

(PSA: for those of you who know me and know that I am a strict vegetarian, I have decided to eat seafood on this trip in order to fully experience the food culture. I plan on going back to being a vegetarian when I get home though)

Botanic Gardens. Supposedly the gardens are fantastic, but we didn’t quite get there as watching soccer seemed more important (oh well, next time).

Day 4

Sentosa Island! Sentosa is it’s own type of adventure, so I’ll be writing a post specifically about how to do Sentosa and when it’s up I’ll link it here!

Singapore at night is seriously beautiful

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