Ubud, Bali

Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I would personally like to blame that on two things: Bali time and the fact that this is day 20 of traveling for me. If you’ve ever been to an island, you know what I mean by Bali time.

Flying into Bali from Singapore was simple: a quick 2 and a half hour flight and we were in Denpasar. We are staying in Bali for 5 days and splitting our time between Ubud, Sanur, and Kuta. I’ll be posting a separate post about Sanur and Kuta!

It’s a jungle out here in Ubud

The first day in Ubud was weird. We found a restaurant to eat dinner (since we got to our hotel around 5pm). The restaurant literally only served one set plate. It was a fish filet and fish head soup. The soup was way too spicy and honestly I ate one bite and that was all I needed. The fish filet was very large (like the size of a steak) and I wasn’t a huge fan of that either. So after we ate, we decided it was time for a second dinner. We found an adorable cafe that had amazing breakfast foods and cake! We also tried some Balinese wine.

The second day we went into town. The markets are really fun and everything is super cheap in Ubud! You can get tons of fun souvenirs and clothes. They have everything from handmade purses and touristy things along with Billabong and Ralph Lauren shops. It’s very interesting to walk around.

We also went to the Ubud Monkey Forest. It’s sort of like a hike, but with monkeys. The monkeys are very used to humans, so they have no problem jumping on you. They also love food and plastic, so they will steal your water bottle or anything on you that might look like plastic. One of the monkeys jumped on me and started unzipping my backpack before he was shooed away. Crazy! We even saw some baby monkeys.

Monkey Forest in Ubud

That same day, we went on the Bali Night Safari. When you get there, you get a welcome drink and then they take you on a walking safari. The walking safari is pretty short, but you get to see Komodo dragons and porcupines and animals like that. They also take you up to an elephant (like two feet away from you).

A tiger about to jump on our cage
One of the safari guides feeding a lion! It was only about an arms length away from me

After the walking safari, you do one of two things: eat dinner or go on a “real” safari. The dinner was a large buffet with tons of different types of foods. They had Balinese food, Indian food, American/Australian food, and vegetarian options. It was actually really good!

The safari was also very cool. You get into a caged truck and they drive you around to see the different animals. It’s like the movie 47 Meters Down, but without the sharks and getting stuck in the ocean and everything like that. Here’s the animals you get to see: elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos, tigers, cows (from Africa with large horns), giraffes, rhinos, and I’m probably missing some, but you get the gist. The tigers even climb on your cage and you can touch them! We were given carrots to feed to the animals that wouldn’t bite us (like the zebras and elephants). It was really really cool!

Other things to do in Ubud:

See the rice paddies (picture below)

See the waterfall: We didn’t actually do this, but I’ve heard it’s very cool

Go to the temples: We couldn’t actually get into the temple in Ubud as they asked women to wear a traditional Balinese dress, but we did see it from the outside. They’re very different than the other temples we have seen on this trip.

See the volcano: so the volcano actually just erupted, so not a great time to see it… more on this in my next post

Rice paddies in Ubud
Temple in Ubud

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