Sanur & Kuta, Bali: the Bucket List Destinations

Whenever people talk about Bali being on their bucket list, they don’t actually mean all of Bali, they mean Sanur, Kuta, or Seminyak. These are the three popular beach destinations.

After our few days in Ubud, we headed to our second hotel in Sanur. It was really close to the beach and it looked pretty nice compared to the place we had just left (don’t get me wrong, Ubud was amazing, but our hotel was not).

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying anything bad about Sanur, nor am I saying that you shouldn’t go there, this was just my experience.)

We got our swimsuits on and walked to the beach. It was a much longer walk than we had anticipated, but it was fine. Once getting to the beach, my mom and I were extremely disappointed. It was incredibly windy (maybe we just picked the wrong time of year to visit) and it wasn’t very warm. The water was pretty calm as there was a break water far out into the ocean, and there were many fisherman standing in the water fishing. There was also plenty of weeds and garbage washed up on the sand. Instead of braving the water, we rented chairs and sat down. After about half an hour, we decided that the beach wasn’t fun and it was time to leave.

Sanur Beach

Later that afternoon, after lounging by the pool for a while, we decided that going to a new hotel in Kuta would be a better option. We booked a hotel that looked amazing and got some sleep before heading off to the other side of the island.

Kuta in one word: incredible. It’s also very touristy, but the beach is amazing. Our hotel, complete with three different pools, was so relaxing and was literally right on the beach.

Kuta Beach

For two days, we lounged by the pools, sat at the swim up bars, and swam in the ocean. I also went surfing (and didn’t die, in case you were wondering)! It was truly a bucket list type of place. If you are ever going to Bali and someone tells you to stay at Sanur because it’s less touristy than Kuta know two things: they are definitely right about it being less touristy, but staying in Kuta will be worth it (even when you have to put up with about 1,000 Australians, sorry not sorry).

The temple at Tanah Lot

On our last day in Bali, with a late flight, my mom and I hired a driver to take us to see Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a temple that sits out on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I had seen about a million pictures of it online, and I really wanted to see it in person! It was just as cool as I had hoped it would be.

Tanah Lot

We’re currently sitting at the airport waiting to check in for our flight to Sydney, Australia. The volcano in Bali erupted two days ago, so all of the flights yesterday and the night before were cancelled. We were a bit worried that our flight would be cancelled to make up for all of the other people who were supposed to have already flown out. My mom and I decided that it would be just terrible to be stuck in a place like Bali. It’s just really difficult having to relax by the pool with waiters bringing you Bintang (the Balinese beer) all day. Unimaginable to have to stay an extra day. But we were staying positive (maybe too positive that our flight would be cancelled).

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, depending on how you’re looking at it) our flight is right on time and we should be able to leave tonight, putting us in Sydney early tomorrow morning! We’re currently enjoying one last Bintang at the airport before they let us check in.

Here’s some final pictures to leave you with:

Kuta Beach at sunset

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