July 17: It’s Busy Being Back

I’ve been back for a little over a week now and it’s starting to get busy. There’s a lot to do in the next 35 days.

I need to pack, get my visa, book a flight, clean out my closet at home (and get rid of most of my stuff), and say goodbye to everyone!

This is how much I brought to live in Malta for 5 months. I hope to bring less to China

I technically started packing for China the day after I moved home from Luther. While I unpacked my college stuff, I separated my stuff into 3 piles: storage, stuff I needed this summer, and stuff I needed in China. I began putting my China stuff in a box, and it’s officially overflowing! It’s time to start putting everything directly into my suitcase.

I’m only planning on bringing one suitcase and my pack (but only half full). The school I’ll be working at has a really strict dress code, which sounds kind of awful, but it also makes packing easier since I’ll have the wear the exact same outfit everyday to work. I also have been figuring out what I need to bring that I won’t be able to get there. I’m going to need to bring a year’s supply of things like makeup (specifically foundation) and certain toiletries (like deodorant) that I won’t be able to easily buy in China. I feel like my suitcase is going to end up being full of random things, and I won’t actually have any room for clothes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to still be on the beach in Bali?

On top of packing, I need to finally get my visa. I posted earlier this summer about going to Chicago to get my documents authenticated. After doing that, they were submitted to the Shanghai government (not actually sure how this works since I wasn’t the one who actually submitted my forms). Last week, I heard back that they approved my work permit! Now, I need to go back to Chicago to submit my official visa application. It shouldn’t take too long to get approved, so I should have it with plenty of time to leave.

Finally, I need to actually book a flight to China. I did some digging and found some that weren’t terribly expensive, now all I need is a confirmation from my visa team and I can book it!

35 more days until I leave. It’s coming so soon!


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