August 25: The First Few Days

Hey friends! It’s Saturday in Shanghai and I officially left the USA on Tuesday morning. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Tuesday: Flying all the way across the world. That’s it. It was kind of like a skipped day.

Wednesday: I arrived in Shanghai around 5:30pm and proceeded through immigration. I got through with my visa without any problems and found my bag quickly at baggage claim. Then, one of the girls who will be working at another training center in Shanghai and I who happened to be on the same flight from LAX found our driver. We managed to fit 6 people (and our driver) along with all of our luggage in a van. It wasn’t easy, believe me. After arriving at the hotel, I pretty much just ate a snack and went to sleep.

Thursday: We started work right at 8am. After getting breakfast and meeting some of my new colleagues, we headed to headquarters for a day full of information. We went over contracts, learned about finding apartments, filled out bank forms, worked on getting our residency permits/visas, and learned so much more about teaching in China. It was so much, but meeting everyone and the amazing lunch we had made it a really great day. Later that night, I met some new friends and we chatted for hours. We also had some really good bubble tea.

Friday: We set up our Chinese bank accounts and had our first Chinese lesson. My limited Mandarin vocabulary now includes: Thank you, Hello, Goodbye, I want, broccoli, and rice. So if I say that I’ve been eating broccoli and rice a lot, that might be why. Just kidding, we’ve had some really good food (and McDonald’s haha). After that, I got to go to the center that I will be working at! I met my fellow teachers, my boss, and some others who work there. It was super cute and I’m very excited! We ended the day at some random bar with Carlsberg beers and cocktails.

Saturday (today!): My roommates (well, future roommates) and I went apartment hunting! Our agent showed us 5 apartments, but only 3 of them had the correct number of bedrooms. There are 5 of us, so we each want our own room! We found somewhere that was pretty nice with a few flaws and decided to sit on it for a while and see some other places first. During the hour and half of seeing the other places, we found out that it had been rented out. They say the real estate market here moves fast, but I don’t think any of us were anticipating it to move that quickly! So tomorrow, we’re hopefully going to look at some more and with some luck, we’ll find the right apartment for us!


I’m having the best time so far, and I’m so excited for this year to really begin!!



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  1. As I have just stumbled across your blog, I’m intrigued by the fact you have just met your roommates recently. That would scare me to death for many reasons, but also sounds like of excitement and experiences to come! Keep us updated on how that goes!

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