September 3: Apartments, work, new friends

I’ve been in Shanghai for a little under 2 weeks now, and things are all starting to come together. Today was our last day of training at headquarters and we start at our centers on Thursday! I’m really excited to finally get into the classroom.

While being busy with work and figuring out normal life things (bank accounts, visa stuff, new phone numbers and plans, etc.), I found 4 pretty cool people to live with and we managed to find the most amazing apartment! We’re going to be living in a very central part of Shanghai, and even though it’s not necessarily close to my work, the location is great. We each get our own bedroom and each room has a large window that overlooks all of the buildings of Shanghai (including the Bund)!

We officially move in on the 11th, so expect some pictures after then!

My roommates!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! It was odd having a birthday in a foreign country where the longest you’ve known anyone is a week and a half, but my new friends made it a great day!

Meet some of the other EF teachers I’ve been training with

Expect more updates soon,



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  1. Hi Corinn,
    I’m glad your getting all settled in, sounds like your going to have an amazing time in Shanghai!!! Happy Belated Birthday. Take care!!

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