September 12: Finally at “home”

Welcome back to my blog! A lot has happened since my last update! If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of everything going on in China.

I arrived on August 23rd and started work immediately after that. I met some cool friends and we decided to live together. We looked for apartments. And looked. And looked. And looked some more. Eventually we found our dream apartment. The only problem was that we couldn’t move into it until the 11th. So for the last week we’ve been living in a temporary apartment.

Yesterday, we finally got to move into our apartment, our new home. It’s beautiful and kind of perfect for us. We have 5 large bedrooms, a giant living room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a washer and a dryer, a dining room table, a large hallway closet, and a huge balcony! I’m currently writing this post from the window seat in my bedroom.

The view from my window seat
A view of the buildings in the old town along with a view of the skyscrapers

Today was also the start of my weekend as I have Wednesdays and Thursdays off. 4 out of the 5 of us living together have Wednesdays off, so we walked around Old Town today. We can see the old town from our windows, so it’s a quick walk. Shanghai is really an incredible place because of the mix of the old and new. We then went grocery shopping to find some food and supplies for our apartment.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for sightseeing yet. We have a break coming up in a few weeks and because of the visa process I won’t have my passport back, so I won’t be allowed to leave Shanghai. While that seems annoying, it means that I’ll finally be able to explore my new home! It also means I can work on my mandarin some more!

Along with all of the craziness of settling into Shanghai, I’ve been going to work pretty much everyday. I’m working with kids between the ages of 2-10 right now, but primarily kids under 6 years old. It’s crazy how much English they know. Even the 2-3 year olds can read some words in English! I’m having so much fun training and learning how to be a better teacher, but I can’t wait until I can start teaching my own classes.

Here are some pictures of my new apartment. I’ll throw in a picture of my bedroom once it’s unpacked and organized 🙂

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  1. That is amazing Corinn! Thanks for sharing. Hurry up and get your room cleaned so we all can see it! Glad you are having so much fun.

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