September 29: Almost 6 weeks later

Another week, another post! Sorry I didn’t post last week, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on in my life here in Shanghai. One weird thing I realized though: I’ve been in Shanghai for almost 6 weeks!

Other than working almost everyday, my roommates and I have been getting used to our new apartment these past few weeks. In short, we have gotten multiple things fixed by our landlord, we’ve decorated/organized our rooms completely, and we’ve been hanging out in the living room a lot. If you want a pictures of my ‘finished’ room, here it is!

Here is my room! 
My window seat complete with twinkling lights didn’t fit well in the first picture, so here’s a better view 🙂

I still want to buy more things and put up more decorations (like lots of pictures I brought from home), but with my limited amount of money right now, it’s just going to have to wait. My favorite thing about my room is probably my window seat. I love sitting back and watching everyone outside.

Work has been super fun and I’ve been learning a lot! I’m also teaching classes by myself now, so that’s a huge improvement. But work is work, so let’s move on…

Golden Week is beginning in China and that means I have the whole week off! While I don’t have anything super exciting planned, I’m excited to be able to explore Shanghai some more!

Here are some pictures of Shanghai:

Eating tofu in Shanghai’s Old Town on Mid-Autumn Festival
I really love bubble tea, so I’ve been drinking it as much as my budget allows (check out this cool view too!)
Here’s my super touristy picture of The Bund!
Another example of the cool drinks they have in Shanghai! This one is a brown sugar cocoa milk drink with boba (the stuff in bubble tea)

A lot of people have been asking what I miss most about the US, so here’s a short list:

  1. Burritos
  2. Mexican food
  3. Salads
  4. Desserts (specifically Tiramisu)
  5. Coffee (that you brew at home that isn’t instant)
  6. Driving
  7. Being able to ask questions in stores/anywhere
  8. Finding decent vegetarian food (easily too)
  9. Fast internet
  10. Cheese (and butter and dairy products in general)

While I might miss those things a lot, here’s a list of things I’ve gained since moving to China:

  1. Dumplings (they’re really good, really cheap, and everywhere)
  2. Yakult (it’s a Korean yogurt drink, which you can technically get in the US, but still)
  3. Ramen (good ramen)
  4. Spice in everything (yumm)
  5. 4 cool roommates
  6. A huge variety of tofu at grocery stores
  7. Cheaper things 🙂
  8. Biking (biking through Shanghai has quickly become one of my new favorite things)
  9. Hot Pot
  10. The sense of community you find when entering expat areas

Well, that’s it for now!

See you soon (hopefully sooner than 2 weeks from now),


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