December 23: Christmas in Shanghai!

Merry Christmas from Shanghai!!

My life has been crazy this month, which I will catch you all up on in the next week. But for now, here’s how I’m celebrating Christmas!!!

I have about a thousand pictures to post, so scroll to the bottom for those!

Note: they don’t celebrate Christmas in China, so many school made sure to teach our students about Christmas, and my coworkers and I banded together to make Christmas happen in Shanghai!

We had 3 Christmas parties at work: 1 for the staff and 2 for the kids. They were exhausting and amazing and hilarious and so much fun. I was so tired at the end of the day.

I will spend Christmas Eve at work. I have to work extra and teach a special class at a Chinese primary school. I’m going to the kids some random words and I also how to recycle. And then, I’ll teach my regular Monday evening classes.

Luckily, teachers were given Christmas Day off, so I will spend the day doing something other than working (something yet to be determined).

Finally, the most important party of Christmas: presents!! I’m kidding, but let’s be real, they’re important. I got so many amazing gifts this year which was not something I was expecting at all. Here are some (of many) amazing things I received: a really nice bluetooth speaker, candy, a few pairs of fun Christmas eyeglasses, a couple of scarves, a few Santa themed hats and headbands, and some Christmas candles which made me feel very grown up. I also received a stocking from one of my students which was so sweet and a hand-carved wooden Chinese comb with my name engraved on it from a coworker!! I also experienced a Christmas miracle which I will be telling you all about very soon.

Enjoy my naughtiest class singing Jingle Bells (ignore me singing…)

Special thanks to the family members who sent Christmas cards and pictures to me via snail mail!! I appreciate it much more than you could know.

While being away from my family during the holidays is hard, Christmas in Shanghai has been so much better than I expected it to be!

Here’s some fun pictures and videos from my Christmas festivities so far:

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Finally, I did an open lesson with one of my youngest classes last week and it went so well! An open lesson is when parents get to come to class and watch me teach. It’s incredibly nerve wracking, especially since the kids in this class cry almost every less, but they’re only 3 so it makes sense.

My 3 year olds during my open lesson last week!

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