January 1, 2019: New Year!

Hello all, and happy New Year!

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2018 was a crazy year for me. 2018 was truly the year of beginnings and endings.

In 2018, I started and finished a poetry collection for my senior paper, I graduated from college with a B.A. in English, and I left Iowa for a while. I moved away from home and missed a ton of things including my 22nd birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so much more. This was the first year I haven’t been with my family on Christmas, but luckily technology still made it possible to see them!

I worked multiple different jobs, and I finally started a full time job in China. It was really the year of endings and new beginnings. I also traveled to 7 countries (and Hong Kong)! I spent time in: Norway, the Netherlands, China (obviously), Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand! I also went to Chicago about a million times.

2019 is going to be the year of hard work and big decisions. I’m going to be in China working full time until at least August. At that point I will have to either find another job or renew my contract as a teacher. I haven’t given much thought yet to whether I will stay or not, so I will let you all know (probably around May) whether or not I will be staying in China.

There’s another major thing going on in my life in 2019…

I said in my last post that I experienced a Christmas miracle, so I figured it was finally time to share what that was! I have been researching and applying to many grad schools lately. By applying to many, I really mean that I only finished one application. In all fairness, the only program I actually applied to is a dream. I sent in my application and received an email a few days later that I got an interview, which was really exciting! They typically don’t accept Americans into this program, so I didn’t have much hope of getting in. The interviewer was brutally honest. It started with the professor laying out my chances of getting in. Spoiler: they were not high. After a few agonising days of waiting, I received an email. It turns out that the professor must have really liked me because he recommended that I should be accepted and the admissions team agreed! Basically: I’M GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL! I’ll be going for a Master of Science in International Relations and Diplomacy. (Before you all ask, it’s an online program, so I’ll be staying in China.) It’s going to be a ton of work, but I’m so excited to start!

2019, I’m so ready for you!


Here are some of my favorite pictures from 2018!

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