January 30: Winter Course

Hello, all! Sorry, it’s been a while since my last update. These past few weeks have been a bit crazy though.

My roommates and I went out to some of the clubs in Shanghai a few weeks ago! The thing on the right of the picture is a shark tank (in the entrance of one of the clubs).

Work has gotten really busy. We are in the midst of Winter Course right now. Basically, because of Chinese New Year, kids are off school, and my center teaches English classes all day long. AKA I’ve been doing 13-hour shifts almost every day. It’s taken quite a toll on all of the teachers at my school, including myself. The classes we are teaching are different from our standard courses, which keeps it slightly more entertaining. I am teaching classes about phonics, reading, and even some about culture. It’s hypothetically more fun than the regular classes.

My students are also different than my regular students. I typically teach around 150 students every week, and because of winter course, it’s now more than 200 kids/week! It’s a little crazy to realize that I know the English and Chinese names of about 150 kids along with their favorite colors, animals, and a bunch of other facts about them.

Some of the teachers and I at a local primary school!

I’ve also been working on my first graduate class! It’s a writing course that I’m surprisingly enjoying. It’s a lot of papers and reading, but it’s going well so far! The only problem so far is that it’s been a little crazy trying to find time to do my own homework lately.

Our brand new cat, Kimchi, likes to distract me while I’m working on my homework.

Because of all of the craziness, everyone is getting sick. My boss and another teacher at my school have pneumonia. Three other teachers have bronchitis, and after a long and confusing hospital visit, it turns out I have bronchitis, too. The hospitals in China are giant and complicated, so luckily one of my Chinese co-workers gave up 4 hours of her day on Monday and took me. I got some Chinese medicine that will hopefully work, but most importantly a note saying I could take off work on Tuesday.


I’ll post more next week about Chinese New Year!


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