February 23: 6 months in China!

I promised this post at the 3-month mark, and clearly, that didn’t happen. So happy 6-month China-versary to me!

1. How did you find this program? Is it exchange or something?

I did a lot of research and applied to a few different private education companies. So it’s not actually a “program” or an “exchange,” it’s a real job just like being a teacher in the US (for a private school/company).

2. What’s your favorite thing about China?

I would say my favorite thing is the number of opportunities. Not only did I get to meet a ton of new friends, but I have so many opportunities to explore another culture, learn a new language, travel to so many cool places I hadn’t even heard of before, and so much more!

3. What is one thing you wished you would have packed?

Hot sauce.

4. Do you have a favorite student?

It depends on what you mean by favorite. Off the top of my head, I could name my most impressive student, my cutest student, the student I relate to most, and the one who is best behaved in class. So I don’t necessarily have one favorite, but there are kids I like a lot more than others.

5. What do you miss the most?

Food diversity. I miss being able to eat Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese, and Indian all in one week. Here, it’s like Chinese and “Western” and that’s kind of it.

6. Would you recommend teaching China?

YES! It’s a ton of fun! But do a bunch of research before you come! I felt like I had done enough, but I wish I would have done more.

7. Biggest tip for traveling/moving abroad.

Do your research. Know how much money it costs to start up, the best areas to live in, how much things you need cost. For example, a lot of people I’ve met here underestimated the costs of prescription medicine and healthcare. Also prepare yourself for changing your entire lifestyle completely. It’s not as easy as it might seem.

8. Do you know Chinese?

Nope, but I’m learning.

9. Is it weird not being able to drink the tap water?

Not really. It’s pretty easy to get used to.

10. Biggest regret?

Going along with the flow too much at the beginning. I sort of just went along with what others were doing, and I think I should have stuck to my instincts and done my own thing a little bit more.


Happy 3 months!


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