March 27: A Rescue Mission

Welcome back! In the past week, my life in China has changed quite a bit! I went from living with 4 other roommates and 1 cat to living with 3 roommates and 2 cats.

4 Roommates

Last week, one of my roommates semi-officially moved out of our apartment. She is moving into another apartment in the outskirts of Shanghai to begin a new job. (We’re all very sad that she’s leaving.) Due to some circumstances, she couldn’t take her cat with her last week. So for the past week, I’ve been hanging out with her cat, Kimchi! Tomorrow, my roommate is coming back to pick up Kimchi.

Kimchi, my roommate’s cat

2 Cats

Around a week or two ago, one of my coworkers mentioned to me that the stray cat she feeds outside of her apartment had shown up with a kitten. It was so tiny! We guessed it was only a few weeks old. Soon, the stray cat (named Tortti) brought the kitten to her front door to show my coworker. It was actually three kittens though instead of just the one we had seen. I went over on Sunday night after work to play with the kittens and make sure they were eating enough. The next day, they began doing construction on the street the kittens were living on. We knew we couldn’t just leave them there. So, on Monday after work, I went back and our plan was to let them sleep in her apartment until we could figure out what to do with them (or the construction stopped). Unfortunately, we could only find two of the three kittens. We worried that the third had fallen into a hole or gotten lost with the construction. The second problem of the night came when my coworker’s other cat did not like the kittens.

Our final solution: we would each keep one.*

Introducing: Montgomery Small Baked Bean the First, Monti for short


Monti and I are having so much fun! We got some cat supplies, took a few naps, and today we went to the vet for the first time! The vet was obsessed with him, and the vet tech took about a thousand photos during his checkup. Monti is very healthy (even for a non-street cat) and weighs a whopping 500grams (about 1 pound)! The only concerns the vet and I have are minor and should clear up soon. In a week or two we’ll go back for his shots when he gets a little bigger.

Monti loves exploring, playing, meowing, eating, and scratching me. He’s also quite the charmer as everyone who has met him has quickly fallen in love.

Here are some more pictures of him:

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That’s all for now!


Corinn & Monti


*Disclaimer: Many Chinese people do not like street cats because of the diseases they often carry, so finding a Chinese person to take in the kitten is not a real option. Many foreigners are also unwilling to take in a street cat that hasn’t had it’s shots yet since international vets can be somewhat expensive. There also aren’t animal shelters willing to take in street cats (only pet stores with ‘high end’ animals). So, our only options were to leave them on the street or adopt them ourselves.


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