July 24: The Countdown is On!

29 days left in China. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. But actually, I’m quickly coming up on the end of my year in China. It’s time to start preparing to go home.

One of my favorite students

In my last post, I wrote about all of the things that I need to do before leaving China, and I’ve finally started getting some of my stuff together.

After a trip to the fake market filled with lots of bargaining, I got a new suitcase! I also *finally* bought a cat carrier for Monty on TaoBao (the Chinese version of Amazon). Since it’s summer, I’m working extra hours at my school, making it very difficult to get ready to leave. Even so, my last working day has been confirmed, I’m creating handover plans to give up my tasks, and I’m helping to prepare a new teacher who might take over my classes. I’ve also thought a lot about some of the things I won’t have when I get back (like a cell phone plan and stuff like that).

I’ve officially also started packing already! By packing, I really mean that I put my winter coats in space bags and in my suitcase. It’s a little bit early to really be packing, but I figured I might as well start.

Along with everything that comes with leaving China, I’m starting a new class for grad school about international law. I’ve really been enjoying my classes recently and my professors and I are working on doing some bigger things! (Hopefully read more about that in the future).

Stuff I still need to do: cancel my visa, pack, get Monty’s paperwork, book a flight…….

How all of this makes me feel: tired.

I’m currently teaching a drama class, I’m glad it’s ending soon

See you soon,


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