August 10: An announcement?

Hey friends and family! If you’re keeping up with my count, I have 15 days left in China….

but….. actually…… something weird happened. I changed my mind at the last possible minute.

Two of my coworkers and I getting brunch to celebrate the end of one of their contracts and the first month of living in China for the other!

Throughout the second half of July, I began getting more and more anxious about coming back to the US. I wrote a few different blog posts (that I never posted) about coming back. I also brought up the idea of staying with one of my friends in China. We talked about it and she said that I should consider asking my company if it is too late to stay. Then, a few days later, I was chatting with my boss and he brought up some interesting points. He knew that I was feeling anxious, and apparently he’s been thinking about ways to convince me to stay. At the end of our 1.5-hour conversation, he gave me a bunch of new options and asked if I wanted to stay.

I hesitantly said yes.

The next day, I ran around the city to prepare visa documents as I was submitting for a renewal incredibly late. Even with all of the running around, in 36 degrees Celcius, I felt a huge sense of relief. I think that staying is going to be much better for me. After a few very long days of trying to figure out how to get my visa done in time, we found a solution.

Basically, my visa will be canceled (as if I’m going home) and then they will reapply for a new work permit and visa. The only problem is that I won’t be able to work for a few weeks while all of the paperwork is going through. I also won’t have my passport for the foreseeable future… (In China, that means traveling anywhere, including outside of the city, is off-limits). So during that time, I’ll be moving into my new apartment, hanging out with friends, and working on homework.

So, I’ll be staying in China for the foreseeable future. I’m sorry if you were all excited to see me, but you can always come to visit!

Teaching some of my older kids how to spell 4 letter words

What’s next?

After looking endlessly* for apartments, I found one that I liked! Hopefully, I’ll be signing on it later today!! I’m going to write a separate post on that later as I move my stuff. Spoiler: it’s a super cute studio apartment, and it’s really close to my work!

*By endlessly, I mean that I have been searching online for two weeks, but I actually only saw 2 apartments in person. The first one I saw though was definitely a winner.

When I told Monty that we were going to move apartments he bit me…

Thanks for (apparently) continuing this journey with me,


If you want to read one of the blog posts that made me even more anxious to leave China, it’s here!

KTV (also peep the new tattoo on my thigh)

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