October 16, 2019: Vacation Plans

Hello! After a couple of quiet months, I figured it was time for an update!

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My dinner tonight! These dishes originated from the Northwest part of China. On the right is noodles with tomato sauce, and on the left is sticky rice with fruits and flowers for dessert!

The biggest news is that I’m finally getting my passport back after a long visa renewal process. Basically, I haven’t had a passport since the second week of August, and without one, I can’t even leave Shanghai. Since I’m getting my passport back, I’ll be going on vacation very soon!

I’ve taken a full week off of work next month, and I’m planning on visiting 3 cities in China: Beijing, Xi’an, and Chengdu. I’m also looking to go on a few day/weekend trips coming soon to cities like Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. I’ve already been to Hangzhou and Suzhou, but not for nearly a year, I hope I can go back soon.

I’m really excited to be getting out of the city once again!

November should be a busy month full of traveling and exploring!


I’ve mentioned in my last blog post or two that I was working on a paper for school. Well, I’m very excited to say that it has been published in the Intergovernmental Research and Policy Journal! Here’s the info:

Title: The US-China Trade War, the Huawei Battle, and its Effects on the World

Abstract: After decades of trying to create positive diplomatic relations, a trade war broke out between the United States and China. After tariffs placed on Chinese imports in the US, China retaliated with their own tariffs. A year into the trade war, US President Donald Trump placed sanctions on Chinese-made Huawei phones. This changed the trade war, and the future of trade wars forever. By specifically targeting an international company, the trade war went from being a primarily bilateral issue into a much larger problem affecting all other countries that sold Huawei phones. The World Trade Organization has been working with both countries to attempt to find a way to end the trade war with limited success. While the trade war may continue, the Huawei battle shows that trade wars have the capacity to quickly affect the entire world.

Link: https://journal.euclid.int/the-us-china-trade-war-the-huawei-battle-and-its-effects-on-the-world/

Some of my Tuesday kids practicing their writing!

That’s all for now! Have a great day!



P.S. Enjoy one of my classes learning about weather.


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