August 18: Day 0 in Korea

I left Minnesota for South Korea on August 17th at 8:30am. I flew through Detroit and landed in Seoul around 4pm. My flight was super empty, so everyone had a row to themselves with multiple empty rows in between.

After landing, I had to go through a ton of checkpoints at the airport. I had to fill out countless pages of documents and talk to many different military people and airport workers. This took around 45 minutes. Then, I got my bag, went through a few more checkpoints, and I thought I was free. Turns out, leaving the airport is much more complicated than I thought. Because of COVID-19, Korea is not allowing anyone entering the country to take public transportation. To enforce this, you’re not allowed to just leave the airport without checking out. It wasn’t easy to find my driver, but luckily one of the airport workers offered to call him and figure out where he was for me. Then, I found him within a few minutes.

The drive to my apartment took a little over an hour. Once there, I met my boss and he showed me to my apartment. I knew what to expect going in, but I was not prepared.

After an hour of freaking out about my apartment, I finally calmed down. I’ll attach a video below with an official tour of my (very messy) apartment.

In case you’re wondering how I feel about my apartment an hour after this video was taken, I feel okay. Everything is fine… except the bathroom. But we’ll live. My biggest concern is that I can’t leave this tiny room for 15 days.

Now, I’m under a strict quarantine for 15 days. Well, it’s more like 14 days plus a little. So no going outside, no opening my apartment door, no going to the store, anything. Luckily, my boss left me with some things. She gave me some bedding, some cleaning supplies, soaps, appliances, bananas, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, so much rice, seaweed (snacks), soups, cup noodles, and other random things. Oh, and water. So for now, I’ll be okay.

My plan, for now, is to sleep. And then tomorrow, I am Skyping my bosses, along with unpacking and cleaning my apartment.

That’s all!


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