August 24: Quarantine Week 1

I’m halfway done with quarantine, yay! Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Day 1:

Arrived in Korea. Only a partial day really.

Day 2:

I unpacked and lounged around all day. Surprisingly, jet lag isn’t bad at all. My boss texted me at 4 pm saying that I needed to get tested for Coronavirus, so he came and got me. We went to a testing site and it only took about 20 minutes for me to be tested. They also gave me the official quarantine kit. It has hand sanitizers, face masks, thermometers, instructions, and special trash bags. I’ll find out tomorrow what my test results are. Even if they’re negative, I still have to stay in quarantine (just in case).

With the quarantine, I’m literally now stuck in my apartment until it ends. So basically no opening the door at all. I can’t even take the trash down. But when I can take the garbage out, I have to use special bags that show that I’ve been in quarantine. They’re like orange biohazard bags. So that’s fun. And, my boss seems really nice. It was nice to go outside even though it’s barely been 24 hours.

Day 3:

Today was really the first day I stayed at home the whole day. I talked to some friends (virtually of course), had an online Chinese lesson, did some studying, learned how to write a few Korean sentences, and ate some pizza. I had to learn how to use my microwave/oven/grill to make the pizza, giving me 20 minutes of something to do. Overall, today went by pretty quickly.

P.S. my Covid-19 test was negative.

Day 4:

Woke up early again due to jetlag. Studied Chinese a lot since I realized that after all of the traveling that I really needed to refresh my memory. Also, Netflix, homework, studying Korean, and I ate some bananas (because they’re going to go bad soon).

Day 5:

1/5th of the way done with quarantine! Also, 2 years ago today, I was leaving for China.

Today, I woke up at 9 am which was a nice change to waking up at 5 am the last few days. It stormed today, which gave me some entertainment. I also taught a class online. So far, I’m not too bored. There are periods of time each day where I feel bored, but it’s not consuming. I’m hopeful that the next few days pass just as quickly. I also learned how to use my washing machine today and did a load of laundry. You know I was bored because I watched my clothes spin around for nearly 15 minutes.

Day 6:

2 years ago today was my first day as an English teacher.

Today was by far the slowest day of quarantine so far. I just felt really bored the entire day. I also had another online Chinese class which killed a little bit of time. I did a workout, which made me feel better.

Day 7:

1 week done!

Wow, I made it through the first week! Today was okay. I watched some Netflix, cleaned my apartment, talked to some friends/family. I’ve also met a few friends (online) who live in Seoul! I’m getting excited for quarantine to be done.


Week 2 of quarantine, here we go!!


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