August 31: Quarantine Week 2

Hey friends, it’s me again. Still in quarantine. (I get released on Tuesday the 1st at noon.)

So this week, I thought I would talk about what it feels like being in quarantine.

Basically what comes to mind first is that I have no control in this situation. I’m stuck in a new apartment with only the things I brought and my school provided. I only have the food my school provided. I can’t even step outside my door. It can be overwhelming.

It’s honestly so different than social distancing at home, or even quarantining at home. Since I wasn’t able to really prepare for this, everything is really in the hands of people I’ve never met.

But, I’ve gotten better at quarantining, I think. Here are ten things I’ve thought about during quarantine.

  1. Lack of movement is a real issue. I’ve been doing yoga videos, dance videos, and workout videos to try to stay active. It wastes some time, and I feel a lot better getting in some physical activity.
  2. The mental game is probably the worst. Feeling trapped in this apartment has been a big struggle during these two weeks. In order to combat this, I’ve been listening to podcasts to sleep, trying to keep busy, playing games, reading a lot, and watching Netflix.
  3. Garbage. So much garbage. Since I can’t take out the garbage at all, there’s so much garbage it seems. Food waste, recycling, and regular garbage.
  4. Eating is weird. I either eat a ton in one day or basically nothing.
  5. I can’t do anything productive. Somehow it just makes quarantining feel so much worse.
  6. I haven’t seen another human in a long time. It’s weird going 15 days without seeing another person.
  7. I haven’t slept nearly as much as I thought I would. I think I’ve only taken 1 or 2 naps during these 15 days.
  8. Food is boring. I’ve been eating and looking at the same food this entire time. Luckily, in the past few days, my school brought some new treats, and that has made a huge difference.
  9. The activities I ended up doing are completely different than what I had expected. I haven’t turned on my Nintendo Switch once, I don’t watch nearly as much Netflix as I had expected, and I have barely drawn anything in my journal.
  10. The worst part of quarantine? For me, it’s the anxiety. The boredom is manageable, but feeling really anxious is much for difficult to get over. I think everyone experiences quarantine differently, but for most people I’ve talked to who did a quarantine they said that the lack of control, the anxiety, and the boredom were the worst parts of it.

So, tomorrow I’m free! At noon. And no, I won’t be running outside immediately, because I’ll be working from home. But I will make it outside sometime tomorrow.

Talk to you all soon,



One thought on “August 31: Quarantine Week 2

  1. Hi Corinn, Whoo Hoo! Last day of Quarantine, thank goodness. Have you heard when your start day of teaching will be? Enjoy exploring Korea, We know you will find lots of interesting things to do.

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