September 16: 1 Month

As of yesterday, I’ve been in Korea for 1 month!

It feel like so much longer honestly. I’ve been so busy these past three weeks of work.

I didn’t expect to work during quarantine, but I’ve now been at work for a full 2.5 weeks. I started my last Monday of quarantine, and began going into work that Wednesday. Between the 31st-11th, we were completely online due to the government escalating the restrictions. As of this past Monday, we are back at school (since we are a small private kindergarten, public schools are still online).

The switch from online to in-person was crazy. I had essentially worked at a job for 2 weeks, just to start working at a completely different job. The only familiar thing was the kids.

I am really busy at work. I have three groups of kindergartners that I work with during the day. In the afternoons, I work with elementary school kids. I have very little non-teaching time at work. And lately, my non-teaching time has been full of lesson planning, writing tests, trying to figure out what’s going on at my school, and talking to the other foreign teacher.

Speaking of the other foreign teacher…… When I started this job 3 weeks ago, I was 1 of 3.5 foreign teachers (one is part time). Then, I was 1 of 2.5, then 1 of 2 (made up of two part time teachers and myself), and now I’m 1 of 1.5. So in 3 weeks, my school went from having 4 foreign teachers to 2. The girl I work with is part time and she is only in during kindergarten hours (and not every day), so I never see her. It’s a bit strange being the only foreign teacher around.

The biggest perk of other foreign teachers leaving is that my apartment went from very bare to having a lot of stuff very quickly. Without buying things, I now have another floor table, hangers, kitchen supplies, more food, a shelf, a desk chair, an electric blanket, and a few other odds and ends. Thanks to my coworker, I won’t have to buy cooking oil, laundry detergent, or dishes basically ever. It is sad to see him go though. In these past 2.5 weeks, we’ve become friends.

Because of restrictions (Covid, obviously), it’s really hard to make friends currently. (I’m not supposed to be going into any restaurants, cafes, or basically anywhere were they serve food.) So I haven’t actually met anyone besides my coworkers (and they’re all Korean and not exactly jumping to make foreign friends). But, I hope to make some new friends soon!

After work and on the weekends, I’ve been exploring the area around my apartment. I really like my neighborhood! There’s tons of stuff to do and a river nearby.

Hopefully, I’ll be doing something fun this weekend!

Talk to you all soon,


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  1. Hi Corinn,
    Sounds like a lot of changes in a short period of time. so sorry that your co workers are leaving, trying to look at the positive side, you have become the senior foreign teacher there!. You rose to the top quickly. Glad that you like working with the kids, I am sure that they are very cute and fun. Have a great weekend!

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