October 3: Chuseok Week

Hello friends! This past week in Korea was Chuseok holiday (think Korean Thanksgiving). We got three days off work to celebrate!

I did a lot of things, including exploring a market area, checking out some of the big malls, playing basketball, eating lots of food, having a party at work, etc.

Here are some photos from the past two weeks.

At work, we had a Chuseok party for the kids. All of the students wore hanbok and traditional clothes, we made some crafts, and played a lot of games. It was a good way to start the holiday!

On Tuesday last week, I went to the immigration office and applied for my ARC (alien residence card). It took forever to get there in traffic, so my boss and I got to hang out for 3 hours. After waiting 3.5 weeks for the appointment, it will take 5 weeks to process my application. Until I get the card, I can’t open a bank account or have a phone plan. It’s a lot of waiting.

Once the break started, I’ve been hanging out with friends a lot! My friend and I explored some markets, had a sports day, and had a sleepover. It was a really fun way to spend the weekdays!

Today, I’m having lunch with my boss and a new foreign teacher (who is in quarantine until we leave for lunch). I’m not sure what we’re eating yet, but I hope it’s good! Afterwards, I’m meeting some other friends in Hongdae (a pretty popular area with lots of cafes, shops, etc.). Should be a fun day.

Finally, I’ve been studying a ton. I have some big plans for my Chinese learning, and later this month I might be taking an official proficiency test. So, I’ve been putting in at least an hour of studying every day. Let’s go! (In case you’re interested in seeing my progress, here’s this paragraph in Chinese: 最后,我已经学习了中文很多。我有一些我的中文学习大计划,和本月下旬我可能会参加中文水平考试。所以,每天我至少一个小时学习。加油!)

See you all next time!


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