December 7: Food, Friends, Zoom


There’s a lot going on right now in South Korea!

Firstly, I got a new foreign coworker last month (again), but this time, it’s going to work out. She’s really cool and we’ve become good friends. So that’s really exciting to have someone to hang out with at work. She also lives across the hall from me which is really convenient. Especially when I want to borrow her couch or when she forgets to lock her door before going out.

The biggest thing happening is that coronavirus cases have gradually gone up. They are now the highest they’ve ever been in Korea with about 550-600 new cases a day (country-wide). This might not seem like much with a population of 51 million, but it is high. So the restrictions have gone up.

Starting tomorrow, my kindergarten is officially going back online. This means going to work and teaching on zoom. It also means only teaching 2 out of my 3 classes for the next few weeks. One of the other teachers will take over my class to even out the schedules. I’m a bit sad to not see my students every day, but online is arguably easier to teach. As of right now, we’ll be online until the 28th, but that is subject to change of course. I’ll have a short Christmas break before then!

The biggest downside to online teaching: I’m losing my free lunch. I eat school lunch with my kids every day (think: lunch monitor), but without kids we won’t have a lunch. This is really upsetting for many reasons. 1: I’m too lazy to make my own lunch to bring to work. 2: That was the healthiest meal of my day. 3: It was free. So really, a bummer.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken recently (they’re mostly food, sorry):

I better get ready to start teaching online tomorrow,


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