December 18: Winter Break!

Wow! It’s finally Christmas break!

Well, Christmas break was originally supposed to be next week, but with Covid and the schools going online, my school moved our break up. It’s a bit of a confusing time since I’ll have 5 days off, but I have no idea what I’m going back to. As of right now, my school will be back in person on the 29th, but really, who knows?

With the infections still very high, anything could happen.

This past week, I worked from home a few days, which was so nice. I was able to wear pajamas, teach kids from the comfort of my house, sit on my couch (oh yeah, I own a couch now) during breaks, and stay hydrated throughout the day (since when the kids are there, I’m not supposed to be drinking water around them). In a lot of ways, I really prefer online teaching. I also do see how it is more beneficial for the kids to come to school though.

I have some Christmas plans to spend Christmas Eve and Day at a friends house. We’re exchanging gifts and ordering food! I’m excited. I’m also planning on catching up on sleep, homework, and Chinese practice this week. Hopefully, it’s a relaxing week.

Well, I hope everyone has a great Christmas week!


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