August 28: Finishing Quarantine

Alright, if you read my last post about the first half of quarantine, this post will be a little different! For the remaining quarantine days, I’m going to give you a couple of highlights from each day. Then, at the bottom of the post, I’ll talk about what’s coming up next!

Quarantine day 4: My highlights today were: catching up with a friend who is living in Thailand, fried pork cutlet for lunch, learning that Grey’s Anatomy is on Disney+ in Taiwan, and watching a thunderstorm outside!

Quarantine day 5: Today I talked to some friends I haven’t talked to in a long time, did some yoga, and ate some dumplings I ordered from Uber Eats.

Quarantine day 6: I ordered some yummy food and a matcha latte today, I watched way too much Grey’s Anatomy, did a face mask, and heard some more information about what I’ll be up to this week.

Quarantine day 7: LAST DAY! I’ll be free so soon. This morning it rained and there was a lot of commotion over Line (the messaging app) about ending quarantine and what we need to do to leave tomorrow. I prepared to leave first thing in the morning by packing my suitcases tonight before going to bed. I am free to leave anytime tomorrow morning. I just need to contact my hotel when I want to leave (shooting for around 8:30am) and get an “okay” to come down to the lobby, just so that I don’t accidentally cross paths with anyone arriving in Taiwan on my way out of the hotel. (As someone who has just arrived at my hotel, which is strictly a quarantine hotel for now, may have covid, they are very careful not to take any chances by allowing guests who are finishing quarantine to be in the lobby at the same time.)

What’s next?

I am technically free tonight at midnight (August 29th, 00:00). After that, I can go out and am free to do whatever I want (following local covid regulations of course). I will have to leave the hotel tomorrow morning by 9am. Afterwards, I have a tiny bit of free time outside, and then I am meeting someone to get the keys for my apartment (well my room in a shared apartment). I’m really excited to see what it looks like in person!

The sunset from my quarantine window one night.

I am not exactly sure what will be in my apartment, so I may need to go shopping right away for things like bedding and towels. I’ll find out when I walk in.

During the first few days out of quarantine, I will need to go to my school to complete my registration for classes along with sitting for an oral Chinese exam. I’ve been practicing a bit during quarantine, so hopefully I do well!

I also plan to hang out with a new friend during the week! We met before the flight from Toronto to Taipei and she is going to the same school as me.

Orientation for school is on Sept 1st and classes start on the 2nd!

Yay for the last sleep of quarantine! It couldn’t have come soon enough.


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