Corinn’s Travel Goals

This is something new I want to try. As I continue to learn and grow as a person, the list may change or be added to! But for now, these are some of the things I want to do.

These are all things I hope to accomplish in my life that are somehow travel related. I plan to write a post about each one as I accomplish them.


  1. Make it to all 48 contiguous states
  2. Alaska
  3. Go to 6 continents (not including Antarctica)
  4. Antarctica
  5. See the Pyramids
  6. Taj Mahal
  7. Visit my best friend in the UK
  8. Jeju Island
  9. Grand Canyon
  10. South Africa

Fun Ideas:

  1. Let my followers pick my destination
  2. Go to a night market

Learning/Work Goals:

  1. Take the TOCFL Band B test
  2. Pass the Chinese TOCFL B1 test (officially)
  3. Pass the Chinese TOCFL B2 test
  4. Pass the Chinese TOCFL C1 test
  5. Learn how to use zhuyin
  6. Get a nonteaching job abroad
  7. Live in the same country for more than 2 years
  8. Finish reading my first novel in Chinese


  1. Sail Boat
  2. Scuba Diving (again)
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Hot Air Balloon
  5. Go up in the Taipei 101 building
  6. Take an “unplugged” vacation
  7. Go zip lining
  8. Take a Chinese calligraphy class
  9. Go camping (again)
  10. Swim in the dead sea
  11. Night market in Taiwan


  1. Go back to Malta
  2. Redo the Iceland trip with a drivers license (aka don’t get robbed before going this time)
  3. Visit Korea not during COVID
  4. Make it to Bulgaria since my passport got stolen before the first time I tried to go
  5. Hong Kong